A little about us :-)

Maria & John

My husband John and I are very fortunate to be able to travel the world the way we do. My father in law passed away at the age of 54 and never left New York. John decided that he would try and travel as much as he can before time passes us by and who am I to stop him (lol) so here we go!

We have been to 80 countries on six continents and 39 states in North America, and we are just getting started. Some of the posts are out of date order I apologize in advance. I also wanted to add that this website has become as busy as having a second job and that’s why it seems as if a 10-year-old is the writer.

If you have any questions, comments or would like suggestions, please shoot me a message. Enjoy reading while we continue to explore this amazing world we live in.

If you would like to get in touch with us please feel free to send an email to MariaSelloni@gmail.com or PassportsOverloaded@gmail.com.


Maria & John
Maria & John – with our good friends Mariya & Nano Lopez
Maria & John – with our good friends Mark & Margaret
Maria & John – with our good friends Adrian & Irene
Our good friends Keith & Kerrie
Our good friends Ozzie, Erica and their daughter Emma
Our good friends Avin & Lindsy
Maria & John
Maria & John – with our good friend Yvonne Blount Alciatore
Maria & John
Maria & John – with our cousins Keith and Terry
Maria & John
Maria & John
Maria & John – with our good friend The Frogman Tim Cotterill
Maria & John – Christmas in Florida
Maria & John
Maria & John
Maria & John
Maria & John – A cool tintype picture taken of us
Maria  & John in Times Square
Maria & John
Maria & John in Disneyworld 2009
Maria & John in Costa Rica 2011

Our plane tickets from October 2008 until December 2017
Our key cards from October 2008 until December 2017 – One card per hotel

Atlanta, Georgia

November 4, 2019 – Meeting Christian Louboutin for the 2nd time

The Coca Cola Experience 

Cirque Du Soleil Luzia Vip Tickets

The Bougiest Porto Potty’s we have ever seen

Dinner @ Bones Steakhouse

Wayne, Joe, Lauren, Maria, John & Sally

Weird Street Lights

The wackiest car lol

Cool retro diner called Marietta Diner – owned by a nice greek man

We saw our friend Lamont Hill in a play called Jekyll and Hyde

Lamont is the guy on the right

Panama City Beach, Florida

Sharky’s Beachfront Restaurant

October 26, 2019 – October 28, 2019 

Maria & Jennifer
We found WALDO!!!

Jennifer, John, James, Maria, Honey, Joyce & Mason
John, Maria, Waldo & Mason
Honey & Joyce

Ripleys Believe It or Not