Limassol, Cyprus

July 18, 2018 

Today we took a taxi to the Kolossi Castle and then visited the Timios Stavros Monastery in Omodos Village and then went back to the ship to have lunch.

Follow us on our journey the next destination is Patmos, Greece.

Kolossi Castle

Someone caught dinner
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Timios Stavros Monastery in Omodos Village – Photo Credit: Pinterest

Timios Stavros Monastery in Omodos Village

Old Wine Making Machine


Limassol, Cyprus

Mosaic from the House of Eustolios

November 06, 2011

On our tour I think I was the only person who was Greek, so I was able to communicate with the tour guide in Greek which was pretty cool.

Our first stop was at Kourion where we had a chance to see the Greco-Roman theater formerly used to host gladiator tournaments and the House of Eustolios, with well-preserved mosaics and baths.

Our next stop on tour was the rock which is the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love, in Petra Tou Romiou and hear of ancient Greek legends. There is a picture of it below.

Next stop on the tour we visited the small harbor town of Pafos (Paphos) which is part of UNESCO. While in Pafos we visited the House of Dionysos which was from the 3rd century AD which is famous for the unique mosaic floors that look pristine. I found to be the most impressive stop throughout the entire day. The mosaics are considered to be the finest in all the Mediterranean.

Follow us on our journey our next stop is Haifa, Israel for three days.

House of Eustolios
House of Eustolios
House of Eustolios
Birthplace of Aphrodite – Goddess of Beauty & Love
Mosaic – House of Dionysos