St. Petersburg, Florida

October 26, 2018 

Today we decided to take a drive to St. Petersburg to visit a friend of ours.

If you are ever in St. Pete’s make sure you stop and grab a bite to eat at Fresco’s Waterfront Bistro. The food and atmosphere are excellent. Make sure you tell David (The owner) John and Maria Selloni sent you!

Next time you see a Banyan Tree you know what you need to do!

Naples, Florida

March 18, 2016 – Flying the bomber
Today we went to the Naples, Florida airport where they had a few retired military planes, and we got a chance to fly in one which was great. John and I are HUGE supporters of our military.


Maria & John

Our pilots and crew 🙂 – Maria & John

Hayes Hall – concert hall had an art exhibit which was amazing. Philip Haas: The Four Seasons


Melbourne, Florida

March 01, 2016 – Daytime Air Show, March 02, 1026 – Nighttime Air Show
Show at Melbourne International Airport – Our friend Jerry from New York was visiting so we decided to take him to an air show which we love, and it was once again amazing.

While we were at the Air show they had a Ferrari that you could take a ride in for $150 so we decided to buy a ride for this young man Named Justin that was there. He loved it!!!

Fort Pierce, Florida

We own a condo in Ft. Pierce so here are a few pictures of that area. One great thing about Fort Pierce is that the Navy Seals started there so make sure you check out the Navy Seal Museum.

Our view from our master bedroom in our condo
Nasa missile launch

Picture of lighting that I took from our deck

Our Visit to the Navy Seal Museum

August 13, 2016 
John and I are huge supporters of our military and this museum is an excellent one to visit.

The house where Bin Laden was hiding in Packistan

Disney World – Orlando, Florida

Every year since 2009 – Since John and I met.

John and I own a Disney World timeshare and believe me we get good use out of it especially now that we live in Florida we are season pass holders. We try and visit two-three times a year. We love hanging out at Epcot and going around the world trying all the different restaurants which are top notch. If you are interested in any recommendations since we are semi-pros, please message me, and I will be glad to help you out.

The pictures on this blog are not in any specific order. I hope you enjoy them

Maria & John
Our good friends Ozzie, Erica and their daughter Emma

Maria & John

Maria & John

New section in the Animal Kingdom park – Pandora

Beauty and The Beast

Sugar Ray Concert we saw at Epcot 

Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

An excellent paid tour that we took.

Maria & John

Maria & John

Cape Canaveral, Florida

February 7, 2010
Today we saw the last night time shuttle and, it was the first time John and I saw a shuttle take off. It was spectacular to see how the sky lit up once the shuttle started to take off.

The shower in the shuttle

December 11, 2014                                                                                                           Today we saw the last daytime shuttle which was during the Obama administration.

Picture credit: NASA
Picture credit: NASA