Ponta Delgada (Azores), Portugal

April 14, 2023

Savor the unparalleled natural wonders of this splendid volcanic island located at a crossroads in the Atlantic. See its stunning landscape, thermal pools, natural steam vents, volcanic lakes, subtropical flora, plantations, and picturesque towns filled with perfectly preserved 17th and 18th-century buildings.

At the Pico do Ferro overlook, gaze into the depths of the Furnas Valley, the island’s largest and oldest volcanic crater. See Sete Cidades’ so-called twin lakes, one of Portugal’s Seven Natural Wonders.

Drive to three photo-worthy panoramic overviews, the first above sparkling Lake Santiago. You’ll enjoy a bird’s eye view of Sete Cidades from Vista do Rei, where you’ll see “twin” lakes that are actually one lake with two ecologically different sides divided by a narrow strait. Learn that according to legend, the lakes were created from the tears shed by a princess and her young shepherd lover when they were forced to part, each lake being a reflection of the young couple’s individual eye coloring. Enjoy another stop at the Pico do Carvão overview to view the entire island, taking in all the wonders of São Miguel.

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Funchal (Medeira), Portugal

October 27, 2022 & November 8, 2022

Breathtaking vistas await throughout this beautiful island. Take a cable car up to Monte for spectacular views of the botanical gardens and the charming town. Drive along the coast to a village where Winston Churchill painted seascapes or out to the stunning cliffs of Cabo Girão and enjoy a visit to a quaint fishing village.

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Second Trip to Madeira/Funchal – October 27, 2022

Oporto, Portugal

June 13, 2019
Today John and I took the shuttle into town where we walked around a bit and took the famous flat bottom boat tour of the six bridges.
Afterward, we did a port wine tasting because this is where the port wine comes from.
Follow us on our journey the next destination is La Coruna, Spain.

Port Wine Tasting

John & Maria
Maria, Lubo (Head Sommelier) & John

Lisbon, Portugal

June 11, 2019
Today we got a really good taxi driver named Carlos Manuel who spoke perfect English and showed us a great time. We visited the  Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Mary Major. At first, we visited Sintra which was a really nice town we got a chance to take a tour of the Palace of Pena and the next stop was Cascais and Estoril where all the rich and famous have homes. Cascais was a really nice beachside town.
Afterward, Carlos dropped us off about a block away from the ship where there was a festival in the town.
June 12, 2019
Today Carlos picked us up again and drove us to Fatima. It’s equivalent to St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. The pope visits Fatima once a year.
after visiting the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima make sure to stop by Store #37 which is owned by Mr. Sergio. He has great prices for souvenirs.
Follow us on our journey the next destination is Oporto, Portugal.
Jerónimos Monastery

The president’s residence
Palace of Pena in Sintra

I do love an in-car selfie. Maria


Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima

Joyce, James, John, Maria, Jennifer, Honey (Dotty), Mason & Colleen