Dubrovnik, Croatia

August 11, 2018

This is a side note about our Tour Guide Mato he was one of the best guides we ever had. He showed us all the best Croatia had to offer. His business card is the first picture below. Tell him you want The John & Maria from NY  experience. I guarantee you will have a great time!

Today we got a taxi to take us around. The first place he drove us to was a beautiful town called Cavtat we walked around the nature preserve along the water. We also went into the St. Nicholas Church. I highly recommend a visit there and in the future, we will definitely go back and spend a few nights there.

We drove to another area called Konavle and visited this museum called Konavle County Museum in a town called Cilipi which was very nice it has the traditional folklore clothing that the Croatians wore many years ago. We also visited the Zavičajni Muzej Konavala church. We were told that years ago this town was destroyed by the Bosnians in the early 1990’s the only thing they left intact was the church. The only damage to the Church was done inside where they ravaged the Holy Family.

The next stop was another nice town called Molunat which is also another place that is a must to visit. The only problem with that town is that there are no hotels but you can take a taxi and spend the day there at one of the beautiful beaches. We then drove to one end of Croatia where we could see the border of Montenegro where we were yesterday.

We also stopped in this amazing little town with a cool river called Ljuta it’s another must visit!! They have watermills to make cornmeal and they still use them to this day.

The last stop before heading back to the ship was the Fort Imperial Museum. This museum was pretty amazing it has pictures displayed of the towns before and after the war.

August 18, 2018 – Second time

Today we had Mato again our taxi driver from the last time we were in Dubrovnik  8/11/18. He picked us up and took us to our first stop which was a Medieval town called Slano built as far back as the 14th Century.  While there we saw the Wall of Ston which is the second largest stone wall in Europe (5.5km) and in that same area was where the salt production is.

We also visited the Prince’s Palace also known as Knezeva Palace or Rector’s Palace in Slano. Afterward, we drove to Bastrena to Mark’s friend’s house which is right on the water and they’re Oyster Farmers.  They took us to their Oyster line to get some oysters and then to their fishing basket to pick out our fish and they made us an amazing lunch.

The last stop was in the Old City of Dubrovnik where we walked around for about an hour it’s really cool to walk around the medieval town where the Game of Thrones was filmed. Afterward, we drove back to the ship.

Follow us on our journey the next destination is Venice, Italy.

St. Nicholas Church in Cavtat

Zavičajni Muzej Konavala Church

Konavle County Museum


John & Maria

John & Maria

Pictures from our second visit to Dubrovnik

Knezeva Palace – The Prince’s Palace


Thierry, Ursula, Maria & John