Astoria, Oregon

July 22, 2015

Today we continued our drive to Astoria, Oregon driving up the Pacific coast. It’s impressive to see such a different landscape. Growing up in Downstate New York it’s not mountainous although it’s beautiful it’s very different. We saw signs that said Tsunami evacuation route which is scary to see. Another great thing was the fact that I am greek and growing up in NY I hung out in Astoria, Queens so to see another Astoria was fun. We even got a chance to visit West Coast Game Park Safari which is in Bandon, Oregon and we fed the goats and even got a chance to pet lion cub.

We stopped along the way to check out the view at the viewpoints. John and I even spoke about possibly renting a house one summer for a month to experience the beauty of the west coast.

Follow us on our journey our next stop is Seattle, Washington.