Venice, Italy 2011

February 3rd – 5th, 2011

Today we have to travel once again from Paris to Venice, Italy. I have to say flying from France to Italy was, of course, annoying because I pack like I’m never coming home and the extra weight is expensive, but it is what it is. We finally arrive in Venice, and this lovely wooden boat picked us up and took us to our beautiful hotel Luna Baglioni. This hotel was fantastic it’s very European. The room was decorated so beautifully, and the key had a tassel attached to it that you hand to the front desk coming in and out of the hotel it was something really cool which I had never experienced before.

To this day the shower in that hotel has been the best John, and I have ever experienced. It was unbelievable it was like a monsoon rain shower, and we both loved it.

That night and the next day we just spent a lot of time walking around and shopping, and we went to St. Mark’s square and walked through Saint Mark’s Basilica.  Beautiful inside and out and the original Horses of Saint Mark were inside. There is one thing we learned, and that is that the best thing to do is get lost in Venice. We took a very entertaining gondola ride.

One day we took a boat ride to the Murano hand-blown glass factory and purchased a gorgeous chandelier.

All good things must come to an end after being in Venice for two days we took our water taxi back to the had to the train station to get to Florence which I heard is also amazing.

Follow us on our journey next stop is Florence, Italy.

Rialto Bridge
Gondola parking
Gondola traffic
Window shopping by gondola
John in the water taxi
Maria in the water taxi
Santa Maria della Salute
Inside of Luna Baglioni
Luna Baglioni hotel key on a tassel keychain
Saint Mark’s Basilica
Inside of Saint Mark’s Basilica
Staircase inside of Saint Mark’s Basilica
Horses of Saint Mark
Hand made mask we purchased
Hand made mask we purchased
Hand made mask we purchased held by the man who makes them