Manaus (Amazon River), Brazil

November 17, 2018

Today we got off the ship and took a boat ride up the Rio Negro River about an hour and then we got to this cool place that has unique pink dolphins. The guy at the dock feeds the dolphins fish. The dolphins look very different than bottlenose dolphins. At the same place they had this other fish, I never heard of Arapaima.  They put a fish on a long string and the fish eats off the stick. It’s a strong fish and if you watch the video below you will hear a sucking sound that’s how the Arapaima fish eats the bait on the stick. John fed this fish, and he said that it was powerful!

The first evening our friend Carol & John purchased tickets to the Opera House. While there we saw Bassanova which is Portuguese music.

November 18, 2018

Today we took a boat up the Rio Negro River to the floating market, and we walked through the Amazon forest to see the water Lillies.

We then walked back to the boat a went to see the meeting of the waters. It’s pretty amazing to see the muddy Amazon River water and the dark Rio Negro River form a straight line of difference. We had really cool tour guides on the trip one of them has YouTube videos of him teaching Portuguese. The Tutor’s name is Jeferson Dionisio Alves.



Opera House