Salalah, Oman – Mughsail Beach & Job’s Tomb

November 18, 2011

Today we had a short tour of Salalah. We drove to the Garden City, Mughsail Beach, Job’s Tomb and Al Husn Souq.  Mughsail Beach was very pretty the water looked amazing it’s two miles of unspoiled white sand beaches, high cliffs which are picturesque.  We were lucky enough to be there at high tide and saw the spectacular “Blow Hole.”

Maria & John at Mughsail Beach

Blow Hole
John, Jonathan & Adrian

After being there for about a half hour, we then proceeded to Job’s Tomb where according to legend, the remains of the Muslim and Old Testament Prophet Job can be found. Job’s Tomb is a sacred place of pilgrimage for Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Due to the fact that we were entering mosques on this tour, I had to have my shoulders and my head covered to enter.

Maria in OmanJob’s Tomb

The last stop on the itinerary for the day was Al Husn Souq where we had a chance to walk around and shop which is one of my favorite things to do.  The colorful stalls are filled with frankincense, incense, bottles of fragrant perfume oils, pashminas and many other things.

Follow us on our journey the next stop is Muscat, Oman.

Arabic Shoes in Al Husn Souq