Palma De Mallorca, Spain

April 21, 2023

Explore this beautiful island beginning with the magnificent Seo Cathedral and Bellver Castle. See the windmills and impressive manor house in the verdant countryside. Discover the amazing natural wonders in the Drach Caves. And for romance, visit the former Carthusian monastery in Valldemosa, where George Sand and Chopin spent a winter.

After departing from the pier, you will soon arrive at Bellver Castle, a spectacular Gothic landmark from the 14th century. Its round design is unusual among Spanish castles, and although seemingly impenetrable, the fortress never served a defensive purpose.

As you ramble about the hilltop castle taking photos, you will appreciate the origin of its name, which means “lovely view” in Catalan. Few panoramas are quite so beautiful.

Delve into Mallorca’s grand capital city of Palma on a guided visit to two stunning Gothic landmarks, La Seu Cathedral, and Bellver Castle, and stop at a purveyor of Majorcan pearls. Enter resilient Palma, a city repeatedly invaded over the centuries due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean, and learn how each conqueror left their mark at La Seu, the city’s spectacular Gothic cathedral. You’ll delight in its enormous rose window, which casts a beautiful light into the church, and the wrought-iron canopy over the main altar, which was designed by idiosyncratic Catalan architect Antonio Gaudí. Enjoy a guided stroll to the city center, where you’ll discover an imitation pearl shop and learn the process behind the manufacture of these remarkable jewels. After some free time to shop and wander, continue to Bellver Castle, a revered 14th-century Gothic landmark. Gaze in awe at its unusual round design and seemingly impregnable fortifications, punctuated by towers of varying heights, and find a patio with a double gallery of arches, the Capella de San Marc chapel, and the Palma History Museum. You’ll celebrate the Gothic treasures of Palma on this enlightening tour.