Belfast, Ireland

June 22, 2019
Today we grabbed a taxi and he drove us to the Game of Thrones filming spots as well as some other cool places. The first stop on the tour was to the Carrickfergus Castle, the next stop was the Giant’s Causeway which was really pretty. The next stop was to see the Stones The third stop was this really cool tree-lined street called The Dark Hedges the next stop was the big caves.
We then drove to Glenarm Castle which had a really big and beautiful garden. We grabbed a bite to eat from a food truck and it was really good. The second to last stop was the Knockagh Monument for a cool panoramic city view. The last stop was at the Game of Thrones Experience which was pretty cool. We have never even watched one episode but John and I are going to binge-watch them when we get back home.
Carrickfergus Castle

Giant’s Causeway
Giant’s Causeway
The Dark Hedges

Knockagh Monument