Eureka Springs, Arkansas

May 21, 2017 

Today we drove to Eureka Springs along the way we saw some cool things. The first thing we saw was Nimrod Dam, and it was active which is great. I ‘ve seen a few of them but never being used.

The next thing we saw was Goat Bluff Cemetery. I saw the sign while driving and we were intrigued to see it with such a unique name you have to. I have pictures posted below. It was a small but private cemetery.

The following thing we saw while driving were signs to see Quigley’s Castle. All the signs said it’s Ozarks Strangest Dwelling and that it was indeed. Upon arrival, there is a sign that says wait before entering someone will escort you in which was weird. Then the granddaughter of the owner of the home charged $8 for each visitor. She gave us a brief history of the home and let us walk around on our own. I would say that this stop was a complete waste of money. You’re better off looking at the pictures online and moving on.

After that strange visit, we drove to our hotel and checked in. Once we settled in, we visited our friend Timm’s gallery called Zark’s Gallery which is in town not far from our hotel. After saying hello to our friend and quickly catching up, we made plans to meet for dinner after he closes up shop. John and I went to a cool wine bar that was a bit underground, and it had a hot spring inside of it. Apparently, a lot of places around that area have springs which are cool.

Follow us on our road trip the next destination is Kansas City, Missouri.

Goat Bluff Cemetary

Weird house decorated in shells

My friend’s gallery cat King Magnus Bengal Cat

Cool spiral fire escape

restaurant with a spring inside of it

Wall Art