London, England

September 12th -16th, 2013

Today we had a short 57-minute flight to visit our friends Adrian & Irene in London. We arrived at our hotel the Mandarin Oriental which is right in the heart of the city and right down the block from the world famous Harrods Store.

The key to our room was very cool it was plastic, and it was shaped like a regular key which was something we’ve never seen before.
Our friends picked us up from the hotel, and we walked to the local pub for a drink before going to dinner at one of their favorite places which was called Daphnes Restaurant. They’ve lived in London their entire lives, so they are very familiar with where to go and what to do which is great.

September 13, 2013
Our friends once again picked us up from the hotel, and we took the bus around to do some sightseeing we saw the Houses of Parliament which has Big Ben, and we saw the London Eye which was cool. After that, we continued our tour on foot and saw the South Bank, and then we saw the Tower Bridge, and we decided to do an Open top bus tour which was fun. After that, we decided to go to another favorite pub of theirs, and we had fish and chips. You can’t come to London and not have fish and chips.

September 14, 2013
Today we had some time alone to go to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards. After waiting in the rain for an hour (of course under an umbrella), a guard walked out and announced that they were canceling the changing of the guards, so we didn’t see it. After walking around the city for a few hours, we then had plans to go to our friend’s condo. We then continued our walk to their place which is by the Albert Bridge they live on the water with a great view of the Bridge. We decided to go to The Ivy for dinner.

September 15, 2013
Today we decided to take a walk to Harrods and do some shopping. I have never seen a department store quite like this one. It was great it had a restaurant in it and a shrine dedicated to Princess Diana. Around 2 pm our friends picked us up to get a bite to eat since they had purchased tickets to a show at The Savoy. The show was called “Let it be” It was a Beatles cover band. The show was amazing they sounded and looked just like a young version of them. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and we had to say goodbye to our beloved friends and go back to the hotel to pack and get ready for our flight the next morning.

Big Ben

Maria & John
The London Eye
John & Adrian
Maria & John
Adrian, Maria & Irene
Big Blue Rooster

Gates at the Buckingham Palace
Guard at the Buckingham Palace

Madarin Oriental Hotel
Street Art
Adrian & John at the Pub
Irene & Adrian
Maria & Irene
Harrods Bus
Escalator in Harrods
Princess Diana Shrine in Harrods
Albert Bridge
John at The Savoy
Adrian at The Savoy
Irene at The Savoy
Maria at The Savoy
“Let it Be” Show
The Ivy
The Ivy Napkin
A picture of Adrian with Paul McCartney
Maria & John