Charlotte, North Carolina

May 26th – 27th, 2017

Today we drove to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit our friends Phil & Sylvia who live on a lake. We arrived at their house and dropped off our stuff because we wanted to get to Charlotte Motor Speedway to see the qualifying race. We purchased great tickets that were inside a suite, so we weren’t going to be sitting in the hot sun. We decided to go out of the suite to check out that view, and we couldn’t believe how loud the racecars were. It’s incredible how some people were sitting in the stands without their ears covered.

After the race, we drove back to our friend’s house, and we had a fun time talking and catching up with them.

The next morning Phil and Sylvia took us out on their boat to check out some other fabulous homes on the lake. Their home was located in a great spot. I have posted some pictures down below.