Big Island, Hawaii

February 28, 2017 
Today we flew from Oahu to the Big Island a.k.a Hawaii Island which is a short flight. We rented a car as soon as we got there and started our long drive to the King’s Land Hilton Hotel.

We got settled in and decided to take a ride to a local supermarket to get some provisions since our villa had a full kitchen and dining room we decided to make dinner a few of the nights were there.

March 01, 2017
Today we had a helicopter ride scheduled to see the lava flow which we were lucky to see because they aren’t sure how long it’s going to flow. The helicopter ride was terrific the lush greenery, the beautiful waterfalls and seeing the lava flow was just fabulous. Once again we made a delicious dinner in our suite.

March 02, 2017
Today we just decided to drive around the island and do a little bit of hiking and a lot of sightseeing. One of the most amazing things that we ate was a Portuguese donut called Malasada. It was so good that I am still thinking about it today, and I will revisit the Big Island purposely to get it again. We had dinner at this local place at the Lava Lava Beach Club since we had to pack and get ready for our flight to Maui in the morning we didn’t want to hassle with making dinner again.

Follow us on our journey the next destination is Maui, Hawaii

Maria & John

Maria & John

Women’s Bathroom Door Sign
Men’s Bathroom Door Sign
Location to buy the BEST DONUT EVER!!!!!