Victoria, British Columbia

August 03, 2015

Today we had a tour scheduled, Orca whale watching. I’m not a big fan of these types of tours because when there is a sighting everybody ends up running to one side of the ship and you never get good pictures.  Either way, when you are in this area it’s the thing to do. We did get a chance to see the Orcas but pictures are difficult to capture because of how quick they move in the water.

After about 2 hours our tour was over and we decided to walk around town and take in the beauty of this city.  We also had a chance to have a drink at Fairmont Empress Hotel which is a beautiful place. There was a really cool concert going on while we were there. The stage was on a floating barge.

I am excited to be heading home tomorrow we sail to Seattle and head back home.  There’s no place like home ?

Floating stage
Empress Hotel