Dubai, UAE

September 1, 2019 – September 7, 2019 
We stayed in Medinat Jumeriah for two nights and then Burj Khalifa – Armani for two nights and then one night in the Burj Al Arab.
We saw The Lost Chambers Aquarium in the Atlantis and had a backstage tour and then we saw the Dubai Aquarium in the Dubai Mall. We took a seaplane to Abu Dhabi and then went to Ferrari World Dubai than to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and then the Emirates Palace. Our last stop on the tour we visited Qasr Al Watan and the last night we ate at Al Mahara Underwater Restaurant with Nano after dinner we went up to the Sky View bar.
We flew Emirates Airlines to get to Dubai. It was the first time John and I had flown with them and boy were we pleasantly surprised. We will try and fly with Emirates as much as we can. I have a few videos of our experience at the bottom of this post.

Aquarium in the Dubai Mall

Palm Island

Atlantis The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Baby Sharks

Emirates Airlines

Dubai, UAE – Day 2 – Tour of the city

November 22, 2011

Today was our last day in Dubai and our last day on the ship.  We disembarked from the ship and checked into our hotel Raffles Dubai which we booked for half the day.  We only needed the room to freshen up before flying home for 12 hours.  Unfortunately, it was hazy out so some of my pictures aren’t clear.

We jumped into a cab and decided to see as much of the city as we possibly could.  The first place we visited was the fabulous Burj Khalifa.  It is the tallest building in the world with the fastest elevator.  We went up to the 122nd floor which was the lounge called Atmosphere.  We had breathtaking views of the city.  We saw the construction of the Palm Islands and The World.  This lounge was expensive for lunch, but everything in Dubai is pricey. We then decided to go to the Dubai Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world

In the mall, they have an indoor ski resort called Ski Dubai where John and I did a few runs.  It wasn’t big, but it was the only indoor ski resort we’ve ever seen. After doing a little bit of shopping, we went back to our hotel so that we can get ready for dinner in the Burj Al Arab (Sail Hotel).  The only way you can get into that hotel is if you are staying there or if you have reservations for the restaurant.

The Burj Al Arab is a beautiful hotel with vibrant colors. We knew these two women who were staying there, so we got a sneak peek into their suite and boy was it gorgeous.  Each suite has two floors with a beautiful staircase.  After getting a tour of the room, we went to dinner at Al Mahara.  The restaurant is basically a giant fish tank it, and anywhere you sit you have a great view of it.

From the menu to the stemware and the silverware everything was top notch.  The food was delicious as well.  After a very expensive dinner, we got a ride back to our hotel so that we can finish packing and get ready to go home.  After a great 18 day cruise, it will be tough to go back home to reality.

Burj Khalifa – Picture credit Trip advisor
Burj Al Arab – Picture credit Google
A hazy picture of Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa
Maria & John at Atmosphere Lounge on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa

A hazy picture of the Burj Al Arab from the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa
A view of Dubai
Maria & John
A couple of the local in their traditional clothing
Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai
The beautiful ceiling of Burj Al Arab
The pretty balconies in the Burj Al Arab
The staircase in one of the suites in the Burj Al Arab
Bedroom in Burj Al Arab Suite
Bathroom in the Burj Al Arab Suite
Maria & John at Al Mahara Restaurant entrance
Al Mahara Restaurant fish tank
Al Mahara Restaurant stemware

Maria & John in Al Mahara Restaurant
Maria & John – Burj Al Arab house car is a beautiful Roll Royce


Dubai, UAE – Day 1 – Desert Dune Drive Safari

November 21, 2011

Today we are doing a desert safari tour in a 4 X 4 vehicle.  We drove deep into the desert where the driver took us on a wild rollercoaster desert drive.  This type of ride is known as dune bashing traveling up and down the towering dunes.  I thought the truck was going to tip over which added to the excitement.

After our crazy ride we drove to the camel and Bedoiun settlements where we had a chance to see how they live Arabian style.  We had a good time sand surfing and taking in the breathtaking sunset views. 

Our rollercoaster ride

Bedouin Settlement
Maria in the Desert
Our friend Fernando sand surfing
Maria & John