Worst Airports

Queenstown – New Zealand

We had the absolute worst experience when we landed at the airport. They should advise you on the plane that they will hassle you! They made us take our shoes off and they scrubbed the bottoms and then they took this handmade purse that was given to me while we were in Bora Bora. I wouldn’t rush to visit New Zealand again because of this!!! Traveling is stressful enough they shouldn’t add more drama to it.

Antananarivo – Madagascar

This was an interesting airport for a few reasons. When we first arrived and walked outside with our luggage we got swarmed by men who were grabbing our luggage to carry it to our taxi. At first, we had no idea just how poor Antananarivo was. We were completely shocked that 7 men carried two bags for us and then they all stood there with their hand out waiting for a tip. Technically we didn’t even need help with our luggage but we gave them all a tip anyway.

When we were leaving our passports and our carry on bags got checked at least 5 or 6 times. The corruption is real! If you can’t trust the airport workers it’s really sad.


Christchurch, New Zealand

Sorry, this is out of sync somehow my original post didn’t save.

February 23, 2015

Today we drove from Franz Josef to Christchurch for one night we fly out in the morning to go back home. We checked into our hotel The George which was really nice they give you a cute teddy bear at night as a gift. We ended up taking a walk and found a cool Irish bar called The Bog and we decided to have a drink and go back to the hotel for dinner and rest since we had a long travel day tomorrow.