Peru, Indiana – The Lodge @ Carriage Manor Estate

April 30, 2019 

Today we drove to our friend’s house in Peru. The Carriage Manor Estate is a beautiful home with a lot of history. Our friends took us to their old stomping grounds to show us around. We had lunch at this place called Streamliner which is located in Rochester. After lunch, we then drove to Culver which was nice to see because that’s where Tim grew up. While we were in Culver they took us to this amazing high school called Culver Military Academy. Afterward, we went back to Rochester to Evergreen for a nice dinner before heading back to Peru.

May 1, 2019

Today Tim & Cindy took us on a tour of Peru.  We saw the house where Cole Porter grew up and then the house he built after he became famous. We then saw where the circus practices. Apparently, Peru was known as the circus capital of the world. Read this article about it.

Culver Military Academy – Culver, Indiana

A horse and carriage – Amish Lifestyle

Cole Porter’s House

Some funny signs we saw at a restaurant in Indiana

Safari – Four days on Safari

March 27 – 30, 2009

What a great day it is we get to spend four days on Safari. As soon as we drove into Kruger National Park and arrived at Jacobin we saw an elephant just walking around which was amazing. The only time I’ve seen an elephant was either at the circus or a zoo, and these wild and free elephants are tremendous. We hung out with my good friend Tina and her cousins Sass and Tom were a blast we had a lot of fun with them.

After settling in and unpacking it was the perfect time to take a drive and have our first sundowners the real way. Elvis who was our driver at Jacobin packs the truck with all kinds of liquor, wine and soft drinks and a basket of finger foods that Saloni and Nora cook fresh daily. Once packed and ready to go for our sundowners Elvis drove us to this perfect spot and set up a table with a tablecloth and made us all drinks and set up the food. It was a fantastic welcome and a great experience.

Once we were done with the sundowners, we then drove to have a bush brie which is a barbecue in the heat of the bush. Once again another amazing experience. One of the things they told us was not to walk away from the other people and the fire because if Hyenas might drag you off and eat you.

The next day Tina and her cousins had to leave, so we had the whole place to ourselves which was great. We woke up every day at 5:30 am and were on the safari by 6 am hoping to see the Big 5 and of course all the other animals as well.

We were lucky enough to see the following animals.
Spotted Hyena
Black Rhino
Wild Dog

We were very lucky to see a Leopard that had just killed and dragged an Impala up a tree. The next day we went back to that same spot and saw the leopard finishing off the Impala, and you could hear the Leopard cracking the bones while eating it was wild. That afternoon we saw the leopard feeding her two cubs which is a rare sighting.

The only animal we weren’t lucky enough to see was the lion. Hopefully, the next time we go on Safari we will see them in the wild.

Follow us on our journey the next stop is Nelspruit/White River.

A Herd of Cows
The never-ending road to Kruger National Park

All the different lodges

Chalet 4 where we slept
Bullnose bird
Watering hole

Nora, Saloni &

While at the Bush Braai we were told not to go too far from the fire because we could be attacked by Hyenas and basically any of the wild animals. In the two pictures below my friend’s cousin fell asleep on the truck and fell off on the opposite side of where we were. Luckily nothing happened to him.

Huge spider


Outdoor dining at Jacobin with view of the watering hole

Ant Hill
Leopard and her kill an Impala
Leopard and her kill an Impala

Leopard and her kill an Impala

Another sundowner
Me next to the Safari vehicle
Dinner being cooked over hot coals
Elvis & John
Me & Elvis

Zebra relaxing
Zebra’s getting busy

Giraffe’s and Zebra’s
Leopard eating an Impala
Leopard with an Imapala Leg
Leopard and her cub


Black Rhino
John & Elvis
Nkorho Bush Lodge another safari lodge
Lovely Eli
Beautiful sunset
Locals carrying sticks for a fire on their heads